Jo Cox

sapphic romance & fiction author

Feels Like Family

Feels Like Family

V’s about to start her first teaching job. After years of begging favours, juggling childcare, and working her arse off, she’s finally standing on her own two feet. The only trouble is, they’re a bit wobbly.

She knows she doesn’t want her old life anymore, but perhaps the set ideas she had for her new one need some reassessment. In fact, when she’s knocked completely off-balance by Sofia, a hot Italian who’s single-handedly raising the sex appeal of the entire maths department, the whole plan is thrown through a classroom window.

After all, the greatest joy is in the unexpected—she’s got the precocious five-year-old daughter to prove it.

An age-gap romance that’ll add a smile, subtract a frown, and leave you feeling anything but square.

‘Feels Like Family’ is the sequel to ‘Feels Like Home’ but can be read as a standalone.

Release date: 18th December 2020

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