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Her Christmas Escape

Her Christmas Escape

Have you ever wanted to escape Christmas and all the expectations that come with it?

Lexie knows exactly how you feel. Convinced she’s worked through every available woman in the city of Jersey and not wanting to endure another ‘single’ Christmas, she hits on the perfect solution—a women loving women Christmas cruise. Days of unbridled sex surrounded by Scandinavian blondes in bubbling hot tubs awaits her… or does it?

Having travelled 3,500 miles, Joss thinks she’s found the perfect distraction from Christmas in the form of the tantalising, tall, tux wearing French siren, Esmée. She’d do just about anything to get under that body, but perhaps not the one thing she’d need to.

Both women find out that not everything is quite what it seems in this hilarious, fast-paced Christmas adventure.

Passionate, funny, and steamy; get on board for a surprising and uplifting—not to mention sizzling—seasonal romance. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, this is exactly what you want Santa to drop down your chimney after the cluster f**k that has been 2020.

Co-written with Frankie Duncan

Release date: 19th November 2020

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The book made me laugh and remember some of my wild adventures. Life can be fun when you just enjoy the mishaps!

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A sweet, humorous short story of two lesbians meeting on a cruise ship. Main characters were realistic and fun. Side characters were loveable and supportive. Enjoyed this little romp very much.

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