Jo Cox

Lesbian fiction author

Coming Soon

What am I working on at the moment? Well, dear readers, I’m glad you asked…

Feels Like Home sequel

I won’t say this is being written by popular demand because only a few people have asked for it, but I had so much fun with this book that I’m going in for a sequel. It’s set almost four years on and follows V through her first year as a maths teacher. With Grace in school and her career starting, she’s finally able to get her own place and live independently. That’s going to be easier said than done though, given how comfortable they are living with Jess and Melissa. There will of course be plenty of romance, hobnobs, dogs, and screaming babies to contend with. Check in later for more updates.

Football… soccer… football?

Whatever you call it, I’m working on a series of novellas set around a football club. I play, coach and manage so this is an obvious topic for me. I also had a great response to my short story ‘Sidelined’ so I’m going to write some more.

Another standalone

I’m trying my hand at something slightly different with my next standalone novel, and really tying it to a location. I know Oxford like the back of my hand and I’ve always assumed I’m writing stories set in the surrounding towns and villages, but this time I’m committing. This one is about an Oxford tour guide who hates tourists. It’s a romantic comedy with an age-gap pairing (if you’re interested in tropes, which I seem to accidentally stumble into) but also explores some bigger topics. To find out what they are, I guess you’ll just have to read.

Short stories

I’m aiming to put out a free short story for newsletter subscribers every other month, including something fun and Christmassy for 1st December. If you want to receive these, just sign up to my newsletter and you’ll get them automatically.